Velleman K8055 3P Plugin

This HomeSeer HS3 plugin is designed to talk to a Velleman K8055 project board. The K8055 is a multi purpose input/output board with eight digital outputs, five digital inputs, two analogue inputs, two analogue outputs and two 16 bit counters. The board is available either as a kit or pre-built.

All relevant functions of the K8055 are supported in this plugin, the only limitation is that this plugin only supports a single board set at address zero whereas a maximum of four K8055’s are supported on a single computer. I do not have the hardware to test and support more than one board so this is why the plugin is fixed at this value.

Setting Up The K8055

1) Ensure that  the jumpers SK5 and SK6 on the board are both fixed and this means that the board is configured at address zero. Plug the board into a spare USB port and wait for it to be detected on the PC.

2) In the attached zip file place HSPI_K80553P.exe, K8055D.dll and the HTML directory into your main HS3 directory. The last directory is only to show an image on the devices page, if you are not bothered about this image then there is no need to transfer this directory.

3) In HS3 click Plug-ins > Manage and the K8055 plugin should appear

4) Click ‘Enable’ and the plugin should then launch, if the board connection is successful then an entry should appear in the log reporting that it is connected.

5) The plugin should then create a series of devices based on the inputs, outputs and counters.

6) Simply control and use the devices as you would any other device in HomeSeer, use them in events or by the device status screen and the outputs/inputs on the K8055 should change.

Advanced Usage

The plugin supports three additional parameters that can be set in an INI file, no INI file is created by default as the plugin will run without one but the default polling interval and the counter debounce times can be set by INI file parameter if changes are required. If you are interested in changing these then create a file called ‘k8055.ini’ in the HS3 config directory, then create a [Settings] key. The parameters are:




PollInterval is how often the digital inputs, analogue inputs and counters will be polled for their data. A period of 250 milliseconds is set by default and this can be set as high or low as you wish, please be careful as the lower the value the more frequent the timer will run and the possibility of increased CPU usage. Setting a higher value will lower response times and some input changes may be missed.

Counter1D/Counter2D are the debounce times for the two counters on input one and input two, again these are set in milliseconds and can be up to a maximum of 5000 milliseconds. Once you have saved the INI file then you will need to restart the plugin for the changes to come into effect.

Remote Connections

It should be possible to run this plugin remotely based on my testing so far, to run it remotely you need to have the following files in your remote directory:


  1. This plugin will not work in Linux, the K8055D.dll written by Velleman is Windows only
  2. Only one board is supported at address zero

Please post any issues here