Nanoleaf 3P Plugin - BETA

Getting Started

This is a HomeSeer HS3 plugin for the ‘Nanoleaf Aurora’ brand of display panels (, this plugin has been developed using the Nanoleaf OPEN API (which is a local API,, it does not utilise any of their cloud services and instead talks to your device on the LAN). This plugin is to be installed from the updater as any other plugin, unless running the plugin remotely (see later) then HSPI_NANOLEAF3P.exe should be placed inside the main HS directory by the updater. Once the files have been installed by the updater then in the HomeSeer UI go into the Plug-ins > Manage page, you should now see the Nanoleaf plugin in the list of plugins. Please now enable this plugin by clicking the switch as you would any other plugin.

Upon enabling the plugin you should see some entries in the HomeSeer log similar to this:

Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        Nanoleaf Plugin Startup Complete
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        No Auth Token Found
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        No IP Address Found - Please Insert
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        Authorisation Token: NA
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        IP Address: NA
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Nanoleaf 3P        Nanoleaf Plugin Started
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Starting Plug-In        Initializing plugin Nanoleaf 3P ...
Mar-31 08:14:02                 Info        Plugin Nanoleaf 3P has connected. IP:
Mar-31 08:14:01                 Plug-In        Finished initializing plug-in Nanoleaf 3P

As the HomeSeer log suggests, the IP address needs to be set for HomeSeer to communicate with the Nanoleaf device. Please go into Plugins > Nanoleaf 3P  > Nanoleaf 3P page and you should find two tabs labelled Home and Settings. Please click Settings and you should find a page similar to this:

These fields are fairly self explanatory, the first input box is for the IP address of the Nanoleaf unit and then the authorisation key will be generated when the device is authorised for connection. Once you have entered the IP address please press Update Changes IMPORTANT: as the page suggests you will need to demonstrate physical access to your Nanoleaf unit before it can obtain an authorisation token. You MUST hold the power button down until the LED’s flash, then press update within 30 seconds. When you do press update you will see little change in the UI but please now look in the HomeSeer log. If you have established a connection with your Nanoleaf unit then the HomeSeer log will contain entries looking like:

Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        No Rhythm Device Discovered
Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        Creating Base Devices (if needed)
Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        Connected to Nanoleaf Aurora 51:78:fe panel...obtaining data
Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        Authorisation Token Success: 63Vnmky4Dg1dxK0UW7U0WKAkLHZGGueL
Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        Attempting to obtain authorisation token from Nanoleaf device
Mar-31 08:27:46                 Nanoleaf 3P        IP Address Updated To:

Please check whether or not the plugin reports that it established an authorisation token, if you have then the plugin should now be ready to communicate with your device.


HomeSeer will create a group of basic devices for the plugin, these devices in the main will be self explanatory. You should find that the devices look as follows:

  1. Root Device - This device has limited function but reflects the HomeSeer parent/child device structure
  2. State - This device controls and reports the state of the panel in terms of being on/off or the brightness level
  3. Hue - This is the single value between 0 and 360° that represents the Hue of the panel when used in single colour static mode
  4. Saturation - This is the single value between 0 and 100% that represents the Saturation of the panel when used in single colour static mode
  5. Colour Temperature - This is a value between 1200 and 6500°K that can be used to changed the single colour temperature of the panel
  6. Colour Mode - This device will change depending on whether the panel is currently in colour temperature, HSL or effect mode
  7. Current Effect - This is a pop out list of buttons that will contain the current effects in the Nanoleaf device - change these to select the effect you desire for the panel
  8. External Colour Mode - This device can be hidden as will be of limited value, this device is used when HomeSeer controls a device from Alexa/Google Home - HomeSeer will set a device to have a string setting of the desired colour. This device is set by HomeSeer and will make a best guess approximation into translating this value into a HSL value and set it accordingly.

All devices contain value/graphics pairs that have been taken from the HomeSeer contemporary image set or some that have been named and installed in the \html\images\Nanoleaf directory. You are free to change them to whatever images you feel suitable by editing the pairs in the plugin pages.

Event Actions/Triggers

In this beta plugin the devices are the main interface and can be controlled by conventional device actions in the HS event engine, no specific plugin actions/triggers are implemented.


Scripting Functions

There are no functions available in the plugin in terms of scripting.


Please post any issues/comments/requests to the appropriate HomeSeer message board thread and I will try and answer them accordingly -