Sure Petcare 3P Plugin - BETA

Getting Started

This is a HomeSeer HS3 plugin for the Sure Petcare pet door monitor and control system (, this plugin has been developed and will communication with Sure units via the Sure Cloud API (not the LAN). This plugin is to be installed by the updater and once installed then go into the Plugins > Manage page, you should now see the  plugin in the list of plugins. Please now enable this plugin by clicking the switch as you would any other plugin.

Upon enabling the plugin you should see some entries in the HomeSeer log similar to this:

Oct-27 15:21:52                 Starting Plug-In        Plugin Sure Petcare 3P started successfully in 298 milliseconds
Oct-27 15:21:52                 Sure Petcare 3P        Sure Petcare Plugin Startup Complete
Oct-27 15:21:52                 Sure Petcare 3P        Sure Petcare Plugin Started
Oct-27 15:21:51                 Starting Plug-In        Initializing plugin Sure Petcare 3P ...
Oct-27 15:21:51                 Info        Plugin Sure Petcare 3P has connected. IP:

As the HomeSeer log suggests some details need to be added before it is able to communicate with the Sure Cloud API. Please setup your Sure unit initially via the Sure application and keep note of your login username and password. Go into the Plug-ins > Sure Petcare 3P, the only tab should be labelled settings. Inside that tab it should look like this:

As the fields suggest they should be updated with both your Sure Petcare username and password, when you have done this please press ‘Update Changes’. The plugin will then attempt to make a connection with the API and the log should show whether or not it has been successful. If it has been successful then it should attempt to gather a list of houses, doors and pets from the house from the API. You can have more than one door attributed to a house, multiple houses on one account and multiple pets per house. Testing so far however has been limited to a multiple pets with a single door in a single house.

If successful at getting a list of attributes then you should get devices created in HomeSeer, for each door you will have a number of devices below a root device for a house. Each discovered pet will have a block of root/child devices for them. For a single door house with one pet they should look like the following;


HomeSeer will create a group of devices for the plugin to control, these devices in the main will be self explanatory. You should find that the devices look as follows:

  1. Root Device - This device has limited function but will change its state to ‘Communication Error’ if there are communication issues between the plugin and the API.
  2. Door Operation - This device represents the cat flap or similar pet door, the status if set from outside HS will update at the interval specified in the settings page. If changed in HS the status should update instantly provided the plugin can communicate with the service.

  1. Root Device - This device in the pet set of devices has no function and deleting this device will take all of the children devices with it.
  2. Status - This device will show whether your pet is outside or inside the door, the two buttons are an override function similar to the application for the circumstances when a pet may leave the house not via the monitored door.
  3. Time - This device can be read in conjunction with the status device, if the status is out then the pet will have left at the time specified in this device.

All devices contain value/graphics pairs that have been taken from the HomeSeer contemporary image set. You are free to change them to whatever images you feel suitable by editing the pairs in the plugin pages. All of the devices should change status and can be used in events to display screens, obtain images or whatever actions you feel appropriate.

Event Actions/Triggers

At the time of writing (27/10/2018) there are no event actions and no triggers, control through events will be through changes to the devices.


Scripting Functions

There are no functions available in the plugin in terms of scripting, this is because of the existing functions available in the events I feel already cater for the options. If there is a specific function requested then this can be considered.


Please post any issues/comments/requests to the appropriate HomeSeer message board thread and I will try and answer them accordingly -